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    Download  Help

    This introductory material is intended to help you download and install files from the Internet.
    The examples assume that you have Windows 2000 or later.

  1. Downloading software from  the Internet require that you click a URL or a link to a URL.Example of a download URL for Academia is found below.

  2. Once you click on that URL or a link, you will be presented with a dialog box that will ask if you want to save the file or run it from its current location. Choose "Save."

  3. You will then be asked to select the folder where you want to save the file. It is always a good idea to store files you download from the Internet in a specific folder.You may create a folder such as "C:\Internet Download."Later on you can create subfolders for specific downloads.

  4. When the folder has been selected, the download should begin. Your web browser will keep you updated on the progress of the download by showing a progress bar that fills up as you download. The site you are downloading from,the completion time, and the location of the file on your computer should all be present on the dialog box.

  5. The file size and your connection speed are important things to consider when downloading files from the Internet. When your download is completed, you will be notified,unless you chose an option on the dialog box that closes the box.

  6. Click the "Open" button to run the file you just downloaded. The installation program for the file will launch, so just follow the instructions from there to install the file on your computer. If you don't see the "Download complete" dialog box, just open the folder where you saved the file and double-click on the icon of the downloaded file.