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Instant Memory 2.0


Many people wish that they could memorize and recall information instantly.Instant Memory 2.0 is a program that allows you to quickly study letters, words, and numbers and then tests your ability to recall the information that you were presented with.The program has three levels, three practice styles and nine categories covering many areas that are important in everyday life.

Have fun trying to remember things like telephone numbers, people's names, numbers, and letters.With daily use of the program, you will soon observe an improvement in memory because studying and recalling information takes practice, and Instant Memory is a step in the right direction.



Company Genesis Software
Version 2.0
Date Added 10/09/02
File Size 1,250 kb        1.25 MB
Category Educational
License Shareware
Price US$12.95
Minimum requirements Windows 9x,XP,Vista,Windows 7, 16 MB RAM, 6 MB of hard disk space,monitor,mouse.
Limitations 21 trial-use